10 Creative, Interesting and Practical Ideas for the Bachelorette Party in Latvia

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Are you one of the “bride to be” girlfriends and planning a bachelorette party? If you have been entrusted with organizing your best friend’s hen party, you are in the right place, because we have gathered the most feminine, creative and interesting ideas for a bachelorette party! Creative hen party ideas – from delicious master classes to lipstick and jewelry workshops – everything for future brides who are fascinated by feminine and beautiful!

Bridesmaid party ideas

Given that the hen party is held in honor of the future wife, it is important to think about the details so that the end result of the party is in mind and meets the wishes of the young bride. If you are a bride’s girlfriend and you are planning a surprise party, then keep in mind that most often the bride’s time before the wedding is quite strictly planned, so you need to agree on the desired day for the bridesmaid party, keeping secret the details of the surprise party.

Knowing the style, tastes, desires of the future bride and based on her personality, you can start planning a hen party activities and draw on hen party ideas from both girlfriends and soc. networks and wedding portal. It is important that the planned activities of the bridesmaid party correspond to the new bride’s instincts, but you should definitely not be afraid to plan something more unusual, allowing the bride to blush a little too! When planning the ideas and activities for a bridesmaid party, it is interesting to keep the planned scenario of the day secret, without disclosing it to the bride, first of all, carefully finding out the bride’s wishes and intentions regarding the party to make the event a success. If you are planning a hen party for a girlfriend, remember – the main goal of this party is to have fun with your closest friends, doing things that the bride herself would be happy to remember after the party.

vecmeitu ballītes idejas
Photo: frostyilze

Delicious master classes for a bachelorette party

It is always interesting and very useful to learn something new! Even better if the future bride is a sweetheart! Plan a joint event where you can all learn something new and make something delicious together that you can taste after the master class.

Pavlova cake master class at “Parunāsim” cafe

Make delicious pavlovas in one of the most romantic cafes in the heart of Old Riga? This is a great idea because it is quite possible to learn something new, but also enjoy a fun time together and delicious pavlovas in great company and atmosphere.

Truffle and chocolate pre-wedding master class with “Taste CAPS”

Chocolate is always a good idea! Such an idea for a hen party will be a great addition to the daily plan, because it is said that eating chocolate makes us even happier! Delicious, fun and interesting – create your own special bar of chocolates or a unique set of candies and truffles in one of the Taste CAPS chocolate master classes.

Eclair workshop in “Raunas dārzs”

Enjoying eclairs is already a special event – learning to cook them in a company is a celebration! Rauna Garden is the first specialty eclair cafe in Riga, which offers a huge variety of eclairs of different flavors, fillings and colors, and you have the opportunity to get great emotions by organizing a girlfriend’s bridal party right here – pamper your taste buds while learning something new!

Rocket Bean Roastery master class for a hen party

If the future bride is a big coffee lover, then you know – the largest specialty coffee roastery in the Baltics, Rocket Bean Roastery, offers the opportunity to work together with the best coffee experts, not only taste, but also brew your own coffee!
In the roastery, you will be able to enjoy freshly roasted aromatic coffee in an attractive and informative coffee tasting called cupping.
If the interest in coffee is very high, then you will also be able to get into the shoes of a coffee roaster, getting to know the production processes, tasting, packing, and taking your work with you in a special coffee bag.
In turn, in the coffee brewing master class, you will learn what Chemex is or what Aeropress brewing methods are, and the most delicious part of all these masterclasses will be the end – enjoying your own brewed coffee together.

Bridesmaid party ideas for beauty

Beauty treatments and self-pampering are part of this beautiful celebration, where even more so if you can do it together! Beauty master classes are also exploratory, interesting and definitely guarantee interesting entertainment for several hours.

Latvian Aroma-Essence natural perfume and cosmetics workshops

What is even better than what smells great, makes you feel fantastic and highlights your beauty? – The fact that it is all natural and came from nature. Latvian Aroma-Essence offers exactly such master classes. Create your own unique perfumes and cosmetics from natural ingredients, having a great time together and getting something fragrant, useful and lasting.

Bachelorette make-up master class with Laura Valuta

If you know that the future bride likes to pamper herself and likes make-up, then a master class with a professional make-up artist will be a great activity. The feminine atmosphere, delicacies, champagne, and great company complete with new skills will make the bride feel even more special!

Lipstick creative workshops with “Pati darbnīca”

What could be even more exciting than creating your own lipstick, perhaps to use even on your big and beautiful wedding day! The lipstick master class is a great place to try something new, creating your own unique lipstick shade from natural ingredients, dressed in the form of a uniquely designed lipstick. Brag with your own, refined lipsticks and create a unique tone – a great activity to include at a hen party.

Something beautiful, lasting and useful – create your own master classes

Crown workshop for bachelorette party

In the crown-making master class, you will be able to make a unique, feminine, beautiful, and luxurious crown from various delicate and shimmering materials. Creating your own wedding crown in such a master class is a special celebration among your best friends, such a master class will be quite interesting, because similarly to homemade lipsticks – each one of you will have a different result, in terms of colors, shapes and materials!

Eco soy wax candle casting master class for a hen party

The smell of an unlit candle will fill the room and remind you of a beautiful event! Eco soy candles will be a beautiful and wonderful reminiscent of the beautiful event of being together and a great adventure for a girl’s company, where you will not only learn the secrets of candle casting, but also create a beauty that smells and fills your home with light and fond memories! When pouring candles, you will be able to add aromas of essential oils and elements of dried flowers.

Sewing workshop for a pre-wedding party

This kind of workshop will not disappoint you – in the ladies’ sewing workshop you will create your socks – long or half-long, practical or seducing, simple or gorgeous, light or dark – whatever it is up to you. Great opportunity to surprise the future bride! “Sewing Room Riga” offers you to enjoy being together and creating your own beauty at a girls’ party with pearls, bows, lace, and technique! What’s more, no prior knowledge is required.



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