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The wedding planning process is both breathtaking and very responsible. Often, in order to remove a large part of the responsibility from the shoulders of yourself as a couple and loved ones, the work is entrusted to professionals who have several years of experience, but what is the difference between offers and their responsibilities on the big day? Wedding agencies, wedding speaker and wedding planner – these are some of the options that are being considered. Read on to find out more about what each person is doing and how these professionals can help you plan your wedding!

Wedding manager – responsible for the course and activities of the active part of the wedding

Wedding speakers are the people who often take care of the emotional mood of the wedding. Of course, wedding management can also be entrusted to your loved ones, but a wedding manager with his many years of experience can be a very useful assistant with its own advantages. The wedding speaker will not only take care of the well-being of the guests throughout the evening, while the young couple will be away, but will also “hold hands on the pulse” throughout the evening. As wedding manager and organizer Lidija Terlanova mentions –

kāzu vadītājs Ldiija Terlanova
Wedding speaker and organizer Lidija Terlanova | Photo: Oļegs Bucis

The wedding speaker participates in the development of the script plan unless the young couple has an organizer. In this case, the wedding manager can give their recommendations.

The host of the evening is mostly with the couple at these times of the wedding –

  • From the moment of the ceremony, helping to direct all the necessary activities smoothly, moving to the activities at the place of the celebration at the wedding venue. Activities are agreed with the young couple.
  • From the wedding venue – welcoming guests, helping to settle down. When all the guests have gathered, play a get to know improvisation or game together, prepare for the new couple and continue the evening with activities agreed with the new couple.
kāzu plānotājs
Photo- Agneta Jonele | Wedding organizer- BANNTÉ EVENTS | Venue- Rūmene manor

Wedding organizer – author, director, and wedding producer in one person

BANNTÉ EVENTS producer Inga describes the wedding organizer as a person that does planning from a-z, with an individual approach to each client and situation.

As the wedding manager Lidija mentions, the wedding organizer is –

a professional who develops the wedding concept and activates all the mechanisms to make the intended success. The responsibilities of the wedding organizer include wedding planning, development of wedding stylistics, creation of an atmosphere, and coordination on the wedding day.

kāzu plānošana kāzu plānotājs
Photo- Linda Lauva | Wedding organizer- BANNTÉ EVENTS | Venue- Fon Stricka Villa

Wedding consultant

There is not only a wedding planner, organizer and wedding manager, but also a wedding consultant. It is a professional who provides young couples with answers to the necessary questions in wedding planning, helps with practical advice. These are one-off meetings with a thorough presentation in planning or remote consultations with answers to specific questions.

gatavi kāzu ielūgumi

Wedding agency – a team of professionals who organize your wedding

In addition to the wedding managers and organizers already mentioned, there are also wedding agencies in the industry. What do wedding agencies do and how are they different from wedding organizers? “Wedding Agency” owner Dace Miezīte mentions that when organizing a wedding with the agency –

All the couple has to do is choose from the prepared offers. Couples save their time because we prepare offers and couples don’t have to look anything for themselves.

The wedding agency ensures that all the nuances are according to the couple’s wishes – including wedding services, which are recommended and selected based on several years of experience and their quality.

Weddings and Covid-19

Like anyone, this years situation has affected both the wedding organizers and industry as a whole. BANNTÉ EVENTS event producer Inga says that

There are events that have been postponed to the next season, there are weddings that have been canceled altogether,

because a large part of the guests of these couples are from America, where the situation is very different from ours, here in Latvia. But there were also customers who came to me in this season during COVID-19 and took the opportunity to celebrate. The reasons, of course, are varied, but the situation was not as sad as I might have imagined it could be. I did continue to look forward positively and with an understanding of what could happen and I think that the old situation as it used to be will definitely not be back.

This is a time for change.

Wedding organizer Lidija also shares similar experience – personally, I am not too affected by this situation, several couples postponed to the next year, and most weddings that were planned for this year did happen.

Dace from “Kāzu Aģentūra” says that clearly, 2020 was the format of small weddings.

Do I really need professional help?

Inga from BANNTÉ EVENTS says that unpredicted situations are really very common on the wedding day and my task as a wedding organizer is to be present and accessible, to be a lightning conductor and a stable shoulder to rely on.

Some of the reasons you should consider a help of professional:

  • There have been cases when the bride herself orders a bouquet for herself, regardless of the organizer’s recommendations, and when she receives it, she sheds tears, because the result obtained does not correspond much to what she has imagined and told the florist.
  • It has often been a struggle with unpredictable weather, when you have to wait until the last minute and make the right decision, according to the situation – thinking about technical things for a young couple all their wedding day is not at all what they should do. As I always tell couples, the camera eye sees absolutely all the emotions and they will be reflected in your wedding photos, so it is important not only to be physically present in the photo session but also to be emotionally present.
  • There have been times when my daily schedule has to be rescheduled because of the morning at the bride’s delays. It is important for her to be present until she goes to the altar or for the first look. In such cases, I can pass on the to-do list to my assistants and trustees, from which other processes do not stop, and everyone is informed.
  • The organizing team is always one step ahead of the upcoming events on the wedding day. We are always in touch with those involved so that everyone is sure of their location, time, and the right attitude.
kāzu vadītājs
Photo: Lucija Rosane | Wedding Host: Lauris Dzelzitis | Wedding planner: BANNTÉ EVENTS

For example, a situation at the front door when the groom has picked up the bride in the hands, goes through the door, but the plate does not break.

Or another example – the bread in turns out beautiful, visually looks very good but is solid and unbreakable. These are some examples where a wedding organizer would have thought in advance so these situations do not happen says Lidija.

In unforeseen situations, the work of an experienced team is the most valuable, crisis situations can be solved only with a great team.

Dace from “Kāzu Aģentūra” also has a view to share-

We have experienced a lot and, fortunately, thanks to the team, we have solved it. From the fact that celebrations didn’t have electricity that neither the couple nor the guests noticed, to the fact that responsible services do not bring the wedding cake and we bake a new one exactly how the bride wanted.

This is not possible without an experienced team and a coordinator who reassures and motivates the team,

while at the same time solving the problem, for example, in the case of a cake, a trip to the store for products.

kāzu plānošana
Photo: Inta Photography

What do professionals recommend for couples planning their 2021 wedding?

BANNTÉ EVENTS producer Inga Berzina for all 2021 couples suggests

The first and foremost recommendation is to set your priorities for the wedding day. Of course, you can want everything, but most often the budget is not immeasurable.

No matter how often customers are afraid or ashamed to name their planned budget, I want them to understand, however, that I am not asking this question to find out the thickness of the customer’s wallet but to be able to orientate ourselves to the services to be offered to them, so I can answer basic questions already and if their expectations match their budget!

kāzu plānošana
Photo: Krista Bumbiere | Venue – Āne manor | Wedding dress: Lība Skuja

Wedding organizer Lidija for all couples planning their 2021 wedding suggests a simple thing to start the planning process-

Make a cup of warm tea for yourself and your loved one, light an aromatic candle for the atmosphere, put on soft music in the background, and dream together about what a perfect wedding day should look like. Record what feelings are happening at a particular moment. And when the real vision is caught, address the wedding organizer or manager who organizes your wedding to make sure your vision is in one direction and you agree on all important things.

“Kāzu Aģentūra” owner Dace suggests to –

Listen to yourself. First, plan the wedding for yourself, whatever you want it to be. After that, imagine that you are a wedding guest, and consider making the guest feel good at your wedding as well.

kāzu plānotājs
Photo – Klaids Lielbiksis | Wedding Venue – Piekuni


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