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In every country, wedding traditions differ. German wedding traditions are similar to some European country ones, but at the same time traditional wedding in Germany is something totally unique!

Marriage in Germany might be an interesting and good thought if you love quirky wedding traditions! We have made a list of German wedding traditions you should know and maybe you will like them so much you’ll want to adopt these German wedding traditions!

German Wedding Customs.

Traditional wedding customs are a very important part of weddings around the globe. There are a lot of couples loving traditional weddings and each culture has their own unique wedding customs which make weddings meaningful and enjoyable. German wedding customs are different than other countries have. Here are listed some of the many traditional German wedding customs:

German Wedding Traditions


A wonderful old German custom is the Hochzeitslader. For their wedding invitations, the Germans employ the services of a personal inviter. Adorned with ribbons and flowers the official inviter or Hochzeitslader goes door to door to extend a personal rhyming invitation to the guests. This is one of the German customs we totally love! Rather than mail out wedding invitations, the Hochzeitslader is personally inviting each guest to the wedding. He dresses in fancy attire with ribbons and flowers. As the official wedding inviter, he then goes from door to door extending a personal rhyming invitation to all on the wedding guest list. An interesting detail is that the way that guests accept the invitation is to pin one of the Hochzeitslader’s ribbons from he’s attire onto his hat. When they have accepted the invitation, the Hochzeitslader is invited into their homes to share a drink or two. Imagine when the guest list is quite long? This ritual can take a couple of days to complete!


Junggesellenabschied also known as the bachelor party is a pre-wedding tradition that literally from german means ‘bachelors farewell’ is quite popular all around the globe. It’s also one of the German wedding customs, but they call it junggesellenabschied. In this German wedding tradition, the respective bride or groom goes along their merry party-hopping way and they are required to sell things like shots or hand made accessories and little things carried on a little tray to strangers in the street.

Baumstamm sägen.

Baumstamm sägen or sawing the tree trunk is one of the german wedding traditions that to us seem very fun! In Germany, one of the wedding traditions requires the brides to don a pair of gloves and start sawing away at a log of wood with their grooms shortly after their ceremony.

 Baumstamm sägen


Schleiertanz or also know as the veil dance is one of the bridal traditions in Germany. And it’s not some kind of traditional German dance, it is more like destroying the veil of the Deutsch bride. This German wedding tradition happens when the brides’ veil is taken and she and her husband are dancing under it. Once the music stops, single women then try to rip off pieces of the veil. Whoever collects the largest piece is said to be the next to marry. A variation of this German wedding tradition is having guests throw money on the bridal veil.


Kidnapping The Bride.

Another fun German wedding tradition is kidnapping the bride and traditionally a bride is kidnapped by the groomsmen at some point during the reception. The groom has to find them then and once the groom has managed to locate his bride he is then expected to pay the cheeky kidnappers bill. A fun activity and another one of German customs and traditions to adopt!

Throwing Rice.

Like many European cultures, one of Germans wedding tradition is throwing rice on the newlywed couple. An interesting fact is that Germans believe that the amount of rice that then sticks to the bride is symbolic of how many children the couple is going to have and it has for a long time been an ancient symbol of fertility.

german wedding tradition rice
Photo by Chris Cowley

Cover photo by: Ann Katrin Braun



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