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Wedding invitations are the guests’ first impression of your much-anticipated and special day and knowing how important and first-hand impressions are – you definitely don’t want to shoot wrong! It is worth paying attention to even the finest details! The wedding invitation is the first message about the magic of your wedding day, therefore, it must be flawless and exactly the way you want it! The Laced in Love wedding portal team can take care of how to write an invitation, what colors to choose and where to look for your wedding inspiration if all the wedding invitation texts have already been read!

gatavi kāzu ielūgumi

Wedding theme and style

First of all, it is important to understand what kind of wedding you want – location, decorations, guest dress code style, traditions, rituals and countless other integral parts of the wedding day form the overall mood of the wedding and allow everyone present to feel the uniqueness and magic of the holiday. Wedding invitations are also the first hint of the big day formality. Is it a classic and elegant, free and minimalist, or perhaps a particularly traditional or themed celebration day? Look for inspiration in yourself! You will be able to make your wedding day especially important and close to your soul. When choosing, keep in mind that wedding invitations must be adjusted accordingly! Graphic designer and wedding decorator Evita Venterzute or Creative Evita mentions that:

couples for their invitations mainly choose colors, themes, and moods close to their hearts and look less at specific trends. They often choose highly personalized themes or designs related to their surnames. Modern calligraphy combined with simple, concise texts will still be used in stationery.

Know your colors!

Think about the colors that will dominate the wedding! It is recommended to include the selected tones and themes, if any, not only in the design of the wedding invitation but also in name cards, ceremony programs, menus, and anywhere else you choose to use the paper format. The classics, however, remain unchanged, so for the most part we come across samples of wedding invitations in white, ivory, or cream, where the carefully selected text of the wedding invitations is written in a confident black or luxuriously shimmering gold color. However, this does not mean that it is only right and that is only allowed! Nowadays, more than ever, it is important to differ and live your own path! Don’t be afraid to dare and choose bright colors or bright motifs, but make sure the wedding invitation text is easy to read!

The most popular colors in 2019 have been green and greens, pink and burgundy. Also in 2020, these colors will be quite relevant in wedding stationery, there will definitely be earth tones, which are very relevant now – says Evita.

There are very romantic couples among my clients who choose flowers in their invitations and there are couples who choose to accentuate their invitations with specific colors and different material textures. I use watercolor painted flowers, greenery, or colored areas for almost all my works.

kāzu ielūgumi teksti
Photo: Evita Venterzute

Wedding invitations – shapes, dimensions, and materials.

Just like with the color of the wedding invitation, with its shape and size you can and even it’s even recommended to experimenting and not stick to what you already know! Increasingly, couples are moving away from the classic and top patterns of unusual wedding invitations, which use different techniques and mixed textures. To give individuality and fill them with wedding love, it is worth considering that wedding invitations reflect the couple’s values or be a symbol of their unique union. As it is important to take care of the environment in 2020, when organizing weddings, invitations can be written on recycled paper or use environmentally friendly ink. Wedding invitations can also be made of wood, plexiglass, or can be sent in audio format. There are also couples who announce their wedding day to each of the guests in person – the range of possible options is really wide!

Evita mentions that it is important to combine different materials, from very thin, transparent to thick and rough papers, creating a more interesting result.

The biggest trend, which prevails over all invitations, is extended, detailed invitations with descriptions of the specific day and its visual mood.

The wedding decorator and the creator of the beautiful invitations mention that it is very important that the couples do not look so much at the trends but look for their own, different style – then the process of creating invitations is always interesting and the result is very special!

How to write an invitation? Everything simple is brilliant!

When the sample wedding invitation is ready, it’s time to focus on the content – how to write an invitation? Traditionally, the names of the spouse are the first to appear on the invitation, followed most often by the name of the invitee with the invitation itself and, of course, the date, place, and time of the ceremony. Don’t overdo it – interesting invitation texts can also be very short! In addition, we can mention the recommended dress style of the guests, as well as the phrase “RSVP”, but there is no need to load the invitation with too much information or symbols – the original invitation texts can also be quite simple! Although the text of wedding invitations can be in a variety of fonts and colors, it is recommended to prioritize legibility, which will be especially enjoyed by older guests.

kāzu ielūgumi kā rakstīt delicate
Photo: Delicate

Start doing things on time!

It is beautiful to dream of calligraphic letters, butterfly-shaped invitations and to think day in and day out what the perfect wedding invitation text will be like, but you also have to think about the technical side. Sample wedding invitations should be ordered about four or five months before the wedding so that they are ready to be sent eight to ten weeks before the Big Day. If you are planning a wedding abroad or during an official holiday, it is recommended to send the shipment even faster! Wedding invitations are definitely not in a hurry!

What is RSVP and why should it be included in a wedding invitation?

Most wedding invitations are not the only ones sent to guests. Often the envelope is accompanied by a reply card with an additional envelope (and preferably also a postage stamp), which the invited person must send back to the perpetrators of the celebration, thus confirming or rejecting the invitation. RSVP translates from French as “please answer”. It is recommended that this information be provided in the lower right corner of the wedding invitation or on a separate card, clearly indicating how much time guests are given to make a choice (the recommended time is approximately 3 weeks after receipt). Keep in mind that the more time you give guests, the more likely it is that the beautiful wedding invitation will disappear from their daily sight and they will simply forget about their responsibility to answer, but knowing how many of the invited guests will arrive is extremely important. Depending on the number of guests, everything related to catering, vehicles, accommodation, and even decor can change, so knowing the exact number of guests will definitely not hurt! As you know, nowadays, and especially in 2020, everything that is used repeatedly is in vogue, so it can also be done with RSPV!

Is it all?

Wedding invitations are a seemingly simple part of the upcoming celebration, but it is worth making sure that they are in line with the mood, values, and essence of the Big Day. Even before making wedding invitations, the average cost must be calculated and the priorities of the design nuances must be evaluated accordingly. Once the invitations have been received, each sample of the wedding invitation should be checked to avoid inviting guests with incorrect wedding invitation texts or failed designs. It is advisable to order a larger number of invitations than expected to be sent in order to avoid additional problems! A useful tip if you take special care of your wedding day budget – only one wedding invitation can be sent to one house, which will not offend anyone, but will allow you to divert the saved money to another purpose! Let’s make sure that each wedding invitation is carefully made, lovingly placed in an envelope, and sent to the expected guest!

And now we have taken a step closer to a day we will remember for a lifetime!

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